Specialty Vehicles

Whether you’re coming to Las Vegas and you want to get crazy while you’re here, or you’re one of our regular customers here in Las Vegas and you want to get something a little different for an out of town trip, we can help. We don’t have every type of vehicle in our fleet, but within our network of trusted affiliates there is a wide variety of highly unique and specialized vehicles that we can line up for you.  All you need to do is let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll try to get it arranged for you.  Consider some of these possibilities…

Party Rides

Sometimes the intimacy of a limo is, well, too intimate.  You want to be able to stretch out a bit. Maybe a little dancing in between venues, perhaps?  Have in mind a boomier sound system and maybe even a pole?  Or maybe a wild and crazy exterior that makes a statement all on its own combined with an interior that means you step out of one nightclub, into your personal rolling nightclub until you arrive at the next venue on your list?  Yeah – we can get that for you.  Just let us know and we’ll come back with some options.

Exotic Luxury

Maybe you want a specific kind of sedan.  You don’t just want the kind of vehicle you drive at home.  Maybe you want to make a statement.  A bold entrance.  You want to turn heads.  You want exotic. They’re out there.  We can help.  Just let us know what kind of exotic you have in mind and let us go find out what options we can line up for you.

Above Ground?

There are certain locations that need something extra — air.  We have great relationships with helicopter tour operators when that speciality vehicle is the type that lifts off the ground and takes you someplace that you can’t get to with wheels.  And we’ll get you to the place that those helicopters take off from in one of our luxury ground based rides.

You never know until you ask -- so don't hesitate

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