Standard Luxury Sedans

ODS operates an extensive fleet of executive caliber sedans.  The interiors are all leather and most of our sedans are built to handle up to 4 passengers and their luggage.  Our current standard sedan lineup includes luxury vehicles from Chrysler, Lincoln and Cadillac.

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Chrysler 300

The Chrysler 300 is based on the rear-wheel drive Chrysler LX platform which features components derived from the Mercedes-Benz E-Class. Shared components include the rear suspension design, front seat frames, wiring harnesses, steering column, the 5-speed automatic transmission’s design, and a derivative of the 4Matic all-wheel drive system. The Chrysler 300 features a luxurious leather interior with front bucket and rear bench seats and ample legroom throughout. It can seat up to 4 passengers and has ample trunk space for typical luggage carried by 4 people, but is most comfortable with 3 passengers.

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Lincoln MKT Town Car

The Lincoln MKT is a full-size luxury crossover vehicle built and marketed by the Ford Motor Company’s Lincoln Motor Company division since the 2010 model year.  The Town Car varieties included in our fleet feature leather bucketed bench rear seats and a leather bucket front seat.  Although they can seat up to 4 passengers, they are most comfortable with 3 passengers and their luggage.

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Lincoln MKS Luxury Sedan

The Lincoln MKS is a full-size, four passenger luxury sedan manufactured and marketed by the Lincoln subdivision of Ford.  It features a smooth ride, luxurious leather seating and ample trunk space.  Again, although the MKS can seat up to four passengers, it is most comfortable with 3 passengers and their luggage.

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Cadillac XTS Luxury Sedan

The Cadillac XTS Sedan is a truly refined experience. Beneath the sophisticated exterior, its assertive engine is complemented by confident handling and a fine-tuned suspension. With a spacious, intelligently designed cabin and dynamic performance capabilities, the XTS is a vehicle crafted to exceed your every expectation.

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Ultra Luxury Sedans

If you want to go a cut above the rest and get a sedan of not only high quality and ride but also one that boasts of status and exclusivity, ODS can happily accommodate your desires with our Ultra Luxury Sedan models.

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Mercedes S550

For generations, an S-Class Sedan has been instantly recognizable not just for its iconic design, but for predicting the future of the automobile. Strong, powerful and majestic, it’s also sleek, lithe and decidedly athletic. It slips through the wind with quiet ease, yet stands out in any crowd. In fact, it stands above.  Luxurious, comfortable, beautiful, and available for you through ODS Chauffeured Transportation.

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